Volvo Ocean Race - Miami Stopover
The Unpredictable Plot: Volvo Ocean Race 2012

The Volvo Ocean Race is a nine month story for the armchair sailor, while being a “choose-your-own-adventure” for the participating teams. At home, we enjoy creature comforts. We play the virtual game, pretending to live a life at the extreme, meanwhile tending to family, work, and drier amenities. The teams carry the weight of the world as they race around it trying to out play, out maneuver, and out sail their competitors.

Currently, this edition of the Volvo Ocean Race has the Spanish team of Telefonica leading the scoreboard and out sailing the entire fleet with the rare instance when the French team of Groupama snuck past them on the final sprint into Abu Dhabi. Each team chooses how they sail. They choose which course of action they feel gives them the winning edge. Each team has their own way of racing around the globe. Who will be the overall winner?

No different than a novel, it’s too early to say how the ending will be. Unlike a book, we can’t sneak a peek at the last chapter to see who will be the winner. Thank goodness, because what fun would it be if we had the whole story figured out. Instead, we have the opportunity to be apart of this tale. We have time to watch the story develop, learn more about the teams and their sailors: people from around the globe with a passion for adventure.

Coming to Miami, Florida

It seems fitting that this race and it’s participants would make their way to Miami, Florida. One of the most international cities in the world. A town full of people from all walks of life. Each capable of relating to this cast of characters. If you’ve ever played a sport, attempted something that scares you, have a family, or started your own business; each of you has something in common with the members of anyone of the teams participating in the Volvo Ocean Race.

This event, coming to Miami in early May, is built up of people just like any one person reading this blog post. They are fathers, brothers, sons, and best friends to someone. They are doing their job to the best of their abilities. They are working as a team to win, and achieve something greater than themselves. They are dealing with Mother Nature and a daily unknown. They are people, just like you and I.

The residents and guest of Miami will get to meet these amazing crews any day after May 6th, and their story on how they’ve gotten to Miami will be unique and special. It will be thrilling and emotional. We have no idea who will be the first to arrive, but all we hope is they all arrive safely! We hope to be gracious host. For many, this will be their first time to our exotic city, full of history and heritage. Their families will patiently wait at Bicentennial Park for their arrival and we will all be there to support them.

Be Apart of the Story

We are but a chapter in the Volvo Ocean Race, and by getting involved, you become a supporting member to it’s story. The team in Miami is feverishly preparing for their arrival and we hope you’ll lend a hand in making our contribution remarkable. In the mean-time, stop back often as we continue to learn more about each team and it’s sailors. It’s our hope to help you better connect with the race, and it’s sailors. The “characters” who will continue to capture our imaginations for the next 120+ days.

You can further interact with us and the event by visiting our Fan Page and following us on Twitter. We are extremely excited to be the only North American stop-over for this historic event. Thank you for being apart of its story!

Current Rankings (1/10/2012)